Molebert Update

It is with great sadness that we report to you that Molebert passed away at about 10 am this morning.  Apparently the ant bites were too much for the little fellow, since he’d been taking food, water, and formula as well as evacuating.  Getting up and feeding him every three hours 24×7 made us get quite attached to the wee thing and we were hoping that he’d live.

I’m very angry at the wildlife rehab people.  We probably called 40-50 people trying to find out what to do with/for Molebert.  I left very detailed messages. Only 2 of them bothered to call me back.  One was going to come get him but I never heard from her again and I have no idea what number I reached her at in the first place.  The other was a wildlife refuge in San Antonio.  What the wildlife rehab people mean when they say “small mammals” is “squirrels”.  They don’t care about anything that’s not either “glamorous” (endangered or nearly endangered animals like owls, hawks, turtles, etc.) or “cute” (squirrels & rabbits). 

I got more help from a vet at the Brox Zoo in New York that I did from my own state.  It’s pretty sad when a New Yorker is nicer to you than a Texan.


Stupid Wildlife Laws

I don’t normally interfere with mother nature in progress.  I usually let her do her thing and assume that it will work out for the best.  The individual gets sacrificed to make the species better.  That’s what natural selection is all about.  But yesterday, we interfered.  We have fire ants here which are not a native species.  They’ve driven several species here, like the horned toad, to the brink of extinction.  Well, the fire ants had a baby mole that they were in the process of killing.  We rescued him and I’m getting ready to go spend some money on this little guy because he needs some kind of nourishment.  I hope that the soy milk and the kitten bottle keep him alive until they come for Molebert. They won’t tell me how to care for him and if I don’t hand him over to someone I don’t know, they’ll report me to the state and I’ll have to pay a big fine.  The short story is that they’re coming to take Molebert away tomorrow.  I never wanted to keep him as a pet.  I’ve been trying to find his mother’s den but haven’t had much success.  Now, if I find his mother, I won’t be able to return him.