George Bush – Part II

Ok, I know our current president lacks the full command of the English
language, but this would-be president seems to lack the command of a
common house hold device – the telephone.


Things to Do with A Baby

Now most of us see a title like this and we think about playing with them, cooing at them, changing their diapers, feeding them and all the other things NORMAL people do with a baby.  What would never occur to most of us is that you should put the child in a microwave and push “Start”.  Yet this is exactly what one 19-year old man thought he should do.  The mother left to go to a near by restaurant to pick up dinner when the man decided that he’d do see what happens.

The worst part is that now the mother of the child is defending him, saying that because he wants to be a preacher, Satan sees him as a threat.  It was Satan that made him put the child in the microwave and “he’s really a wonderful father.”  How come anyone who is the big a MO-RON is allowed to have kids in the first place?  I hope to God that there aren’t any other children in this family.  She has no more business with a child than I do with a tactical nuke.  How can you conceivably defend someone who tried to cook your child to the tune of 2nd and 3rd degree burns?  Husband or not, do this to my kid, and you had better never ever sleep again. ‘Nuff said…

Let me tell you something, you stupid whore – “Wonderful Fathers” do NOT cook their kids in a microwave like a freaking hot dog.