More Substandard Chinese Crap

Well, in an interesting new twist Nissan is having a recall and not on their cars.  It seems that as part of a promotion that they gave away Chinese-made mugs with their logo on it.  The mugs have 30 times the acceptable levels of lead in them. 

The poisoned Chinese-made toothpaste that supposedly never made it’s way to the US was just recently discovered to have been sent here for use in prisons and hopsitals.  To make matters worse, in an instituional setting, like a prison or hospital, the users of products get very little choice in product selection.  The product contains diethylene glycol which causes, among other things, severe and often fatal kidney failure.  It is an absolutely horrific way to die – “screaming and thrashing to the end”. 

The FDA has recently started intercepting shipments of tainted Chinese seafood because of the use of outlawed drugs on the farm-raised fish, shrimp, and eels.  Many of the drugs are also banned in China because they are known to cause cancer.  Others cause potentially life saving antibiotics not to work. 

Now, a Chinese family, suspecting that the bottled water they were drinking was making them sick, fed the water to their chickens.  No surprise when the chickens promptly keeled over dead with in a matter of minutes of drinking the water. 

What does it take?



Importing Stuff From China

It’s one thing to import steel but we’re importing food, medicine and all kinds of stuff from a country that has very poor controls on what they feed their own populace much less send off for export.  We’ve all heard the stories about the melamine in the wheat and wheat products that killed several pets.  As much as I know people miss their pets, thank god it was only pets.  It could easily have been children.  I don’t know if you know anything about Melamine but here’s what makes it fatal.  It is a trimer – a reaction product – of cyanide.  When it’s ingested it turns into 3 cyanide molecules. 

They recently had an incident where ground up cardboard was being used to supplement the meat in food being sold by street vendors.  Now the latest is that they’ve seized tons of fake drugs, including drugs for life threatening conditions like malaria, diabetes, and influenza.  What happens to the people who take these?  Well, since they don’t actually have any active ingredients, you don’t get any benefit from taking it even though you pay out the ass for something that’s supposed to save your life.