Big Question for Penn State

After futher reflection, something very disturbing occured to me.  His charity, The Second Mile, was funded by donations that came from all kinds of entities who were associated with Penn State including the university itself.  Even after they knew what he done. You know what he did.  You have an eye witness who has nothing to gain. Why did you keep giving money?  Why did you keep enabling him? 

So here’s the $64 million dollar question… 

If you’re not covering up for him because you, your donors, alumni, and others aren’t participants in this behavior, why are you giving money to the charity that is enabling this predator to hunt? 


More on Paterno, Sandusky, and Penn State

Having heard Sandusky’s interview, I’m even more convinced of his guilt.  The more i learn about this the more thoroughly disturbed I become.  He is not outraged by the accusations. I think anyone being falsely accused of something so sweeping and so horrific would be upset.  He’s oddly calm during the interview.  So far, the toll is up to about 50.  What are the odds of all 50 people lying about this?  Seriously… 

I’m sure there will be more as time passes.  It takes time for a lot of victims to gather their courage to let it be known that this has happened to them.  It’s particularly difficult for males becauase they feel like they should be able to at least protect themselves.  As the group becomes larger, others will be drawn to join it because there is a certian amount of courage you can borrow from others who have been through the same thing.  That borrowed courage may be enough to push them past the tipping point and allow them to go public.  The biggest problem with a case like this is that you never really find all the victims.  If you can’t find them, you can’t help them.  If standard rape reporting stastics are any indication, the real size of the group is at minimum 150 and possibly as high as 500.  The best esitmates range that only 1 in 3 to 1 in 10 male rapes are ever reported. 

I don’t think that a lot of people realize just how big an issue this is.  There is even an investigation here in Texas because of it.  It’s very likely that he was abusing young boys on the “away” games for Penn State.  And apparently Penn State played at least one game in San Antonio, TX where a boy says he was abused by Sandusky.  

This is horrible and it’s only getting worse.  I think its patently obvious that he’s nothing more than a predatory old lecher.  I feel very sorry of his family members.  If he’s like this with other people’s children, what was it like to be a nephew or a son or even a neighbors kid?  I wonder if Paterno let Sandusky ever take his kids or his grandkids to any of the Second Mile events?  Think any of the Penn State people like the former president, Graham Spanier, let his grandkids spend the night at Jerry Sandusky’s house?

Instead of being what every university is supposed to be – a beacon of knowledge and safe haven – instead became a hideous cloak of concealment for one of the worst kinds of predators.  Universities, by their very nature, are supposed to be that shine the light of truth into dark corners. Truly shameful behavor and a fundamental violation of what a university is.  Penn State, by keeping silent and allowing this to continue unabated and unchecked, not only were you not a light you became a corner of darkness.  I don’t even know how to express how fundamentally flawed that is. You have taught some bad lessons to everyone – but most espeically those boys.  Universities are supposed to be teaching morals, ethics and philosophy.  How are you to teach what you apparently do not have?

I don’t really care if you or any one of your employees had a legal duty to report.  You had a moral duty.  You had an ethical duty.  Your only defense is that you didn’t beleive the accusations.  If you didn’t beleive McQueary or if you thought him the kind of person who randomly make such serious accusations, why did you give him a job?  The fact that you kept him on after he graduated is perhaps one of the more telling facts in this story that no one seems to be latching onto.  If you thought his statements were in anyway spurious or to be distrusted at all, why would hire him to be full time staffer?  Why not simply let him graduate and go his way?

And who has Jerry Sandusky retained to defend him?  Joe Amendola.  Many of you may not know who this is.  An attorney friend of my from Connetticut pointed out to me that Mr. Amendola has has own proclivites for underage sex partners.  He was apparently representing one Mary Iavasile who was just 16 back in 1996 for an emancipation petition.  During that, it was discovered that Mr. Amendola who was 49 at the time, had gotten her pregnant.  So now we have one lecherous old son of biscuit defending another……


Idol With Feet of Poo – Paterno

Once upon time, we respected Joe Paterno.  He refused to let his players play unless they kept their grades up.  He understood all too well that only 4% of high school students will get any kind of a foot ball scholarship.  Of that 4%, only another 2% will ever go on to play in the NFL at all.  That includes the 4th string benchwarmers.  Of that 2%, maybe half – 1% will get paid enough to actually make a living playing football.  So 99% of the kids in college on an athletic scholarship needed an education.  We might not have liked him but he was viewed as taking a moral and ethical stand on the use and abuse of atheletes to foward the business goals of universities. 

I think it is for this reason that we find out that he, other members of the coaching staff, and management at Penn State knew about this and did nothing to be truly horrible.  Mr. Paterno, how could you?  You have been a father and a grandfather.  You know how vulnerable children are.  You benched players for grades and refused to bow to the pressure to let them play.  How then could you bow to the pressure to keep quiet about this? 

Jerry Sandusky ran a “charity” for “at risk youth”.  I use quotes on the charity because it’s pretty apparent at this point that Jerry Sandusky was using this foundation as his private hunting ground for 10 year old boys.  More than 40 victims over 15 years.  Thats 3 or 4 a year.  Many of them were apparently victimized – meaning that the abuse actually occured on Penn State property. 

This behavior was so blatant that Jerry Sandusky was conducting this not in some private area but in the lockeroom showers.  If you’ve ever been involved in athletics, the showers are not nearly as private as the one in your own bathroom.  People are coming and going constantly.  In many cases, you have to cut through the showers to get to certain other areas.  Think of something more like the showers at your gym.  For him to do this, there….  This is a man who doesn’t fear getting caught. 

You see Mike McQueary, who was at the time a graduate student assistant, was walking  through the showers.  He heard a slapping sound and assumed that there was some sexual activity.  Intending to break up what he assumed was a girl friend who had snuck into the boys showers, he came around the corner to a horrific thing.  , He walked in on Jerry Sandusky who had a 10 year old boy bent over, hands on the wall, and was (forgive me for the crude expression) pounding away.  It’s a bit hard to describe that on a PG rated blog.  Horrified by what he witnessed, the young man called his father who told him, “Joe Paterno is a good man.  You tell Coach Paterno tomorrow.  He’ll take care of it.”

What Paterno did was to ignore the children who were being harmed by his assistant coach.  How can any kind of a man know that this is happening and not do anything?  We’re not talking about some kid who might be seeking attention or financial gain.  We’re talking about one of your assistants walking in on another assistant doing something horrible and ghastly.  McQuery had nothing to gain by reporting this to Paterno.  IMHO, you have a moral and ethical if not a legal obligation to report it to the police. 

Paterno reported this his supervisors at Penn State.  They are facing criminal charges.  How is it that they can be charged but Paterno is not?  And why is McQueary not being charged?  He of all people had first hand knowledge of a man using his position and authority to abuse children.  If anyone knew the truth about Jerry Sandusky it was McQueary. Since Penn State knew about it, one wonders if they haven’t taken steps to shield themselves and/or manage the possible financial liablity. 

Even more disturbing to me are the Penn State students.  While they may be in college, it is obvious that ethics and morality are lacking from the curriculum.  You are rioting in the defense of man who shielded a child molester and allowed him to continue ass raping little boys in the showers of the football program you hold in such high esteem.  Working through the logic of this, that means that Penn State students must approve of having a winning football team no matter how many 10 year old boys have to be sacrified on that altar.

I’m sorry, Mr. Paterno but your decision to protect a child molester so that he can continue to rape children makes you partially responsible for his actions.  That’s at least ethically and morally true if not legally and financially.