New Disease Discovered – MYFIAPITA Syndrome

 I have a friend we’ll call Suzie.  Suzie works a full time job and raises two kids.  Suzie suffers from a disease that we’ve decided to call Myfiapita Syndrome.  Her kids and husband call constantly, always wanting something and usually something she can’t do anything about from where she is. 

For example, there isn’t anything she can do about the TV being unplugged while she’s at work.  There isn’t anything she can do about being out of cereal while she’s at work.  There isn’t anything she can do about her kids wanting to go somewhere *right now* while she’s at work.  Honestly, you’d think that these people are all in full body casts because they act like that can’t inhale without her to tell them how to do it.  It’s the most helpless and pathetic bunch I’ve ever observed.  

Her two boys are spoilt brats of the worst order.  The older of the two considers his social life to be far more important than anything that might be going on at home.  Since he’s not old enough drive himself, he’s very demanding about being carted around and even having friends carted around to various events, the mall, etc.  

The younger one is very demanding as well, always asking for things at the last minute and constantly demanding money for things.  Instead of doing chores to earn the money, he sits around with his hand out wanting cash to attend social events, even though his grades are crap and he’s not been doing his homework.  He’d rather be on Instant Messenger chatting it up with his buddies than doing his job in the family and getting decent grades.

Her husband is also nearly as helpless.  She has to tell him where to find everything.  If it doesn’t fall from the sky and land on his while he’s on the way to the phone, he’s going to call her instead of looking for it himself. 

If you haven’t guessed, Myfiapita stands for “MY Family Is A Pain In The Ass”.