Green Cost of Being Green

Being “Green” is expensive.  The whole thing about the hybrid car hoo-hah should have shown you that.  You’d have to drive your hybrid for 110 years to recoup your investment.  Today, boys and girls, we’re going to tackle food.

Let’s start with “Green” foods.  I’m going to actually tell you that for the purposes of this comparison, it’s “organic” food vs. regular food.   Now, I don’t know about you but my paycheck certainly isn’t 3, 4, or 5 times bigger than it was last year.  I can’t justify jeapordizing the kids’ college funds in order to feed them “green” food. Worse yet, you have to take someone’s word for it that these thing
weren’t grown in Panama or Chile where pesticides like DDT are still

Now, these prices come from my local supermarket and my local organic food store.  Your mileage may vary, as they say.  But as you can see, the price per ounce for “organic” food is several times what the price per ounce is for “regular” food. 

Product Price Size of Package Price Per Ounce
Organic    Berries 7.89 24 0.32875
Regular    Berries 7.99 64 0.12484375
“Green”    Tuna 3.85 4 0.9625
Regular Tuna 0.5 6 0.083333333
Organic    Chicken Breasts 6.39 10 0.639
Regular    Chicken Breasts 1.29 16 0.080625
Organic    Ketchup 5 24 0.208333333
Regular    Ketchup 1.88 36 0.052222222
Organic    Mustard 2.79 9 0.31
Regular    Mustard 1 14 0.071428571
Organic Beef 70.3 80 0.87875
Regular Beef 4.99 16 0.311875
Organic    Coffee 42.95 80 0.536875
Regular    Coffee 3 13 0.230769231

Hybrid Hoo-Hah

Ok, kids…whip out your calculators….it’s time for some math.

Toyota Camry – Regular Car – $18470 MSRP –

Toyota Camry – Regular car – Price After TTL – $20271

Finance at 5.9% – $23475

Toyota Camry – Hybrid – $26200

Toyota Camry – Hybrid – Price After TTL – $28755

Finance at 5.9% – $32674

Price Difference –  $9029

Price per gallon of gas – $3.00

That means you have to save at least  3010 gallons of gas to pay the price difference.

The regular Camry is supposed to get about 35 MPG and the Hybrid is supposed to get about 40 MPG.  SInce the average American only drives 8000 miles per year, let’s do some more math.

Standard Car –  229 gallons per year

Hybrid Car – 200 gallons per year

At a difference of 29 gallons per year, you’d have to drive your Hybrid for 110 years to recoup the difference in the cost.