Iraq “Day of the Dead”

I work on a college campus that is having a reading today of all the names of the people, civilian and military, who have been killed in Iraq.  I found the whole thing rather offensive and I’ll tell you why.  Each time they came to a woman, instead of reading her name, it was “Wife of…” or “Adult daughter of…”.  Each time they came to a child, it was “Son of…” or “Daughter of…”.  In short, they have disregarded the fact that these were people who had lives of their own seperate from their male relatives.  It’s a blatant show of how women and children are very poorly regarded in Islam and it’s happening in America.


Jihadi Blows Self Up

What do you?  For once, they did the rest of us a favor and blew themselves up instead of innocents.  Islam expressly forbids suicide.  The Quran, the Islam/Muslim “Bible”, expressly states that suicides will be roasted fire, forbidden to enter paradise, and that they shall have to continue doing whatever killed them for eternity.  I guess this guy will be flopping on a hand grenade for eternity. 

Islam – Not For Women

Do you have kids?  If you’re female, can you imagine luring your 20 year old daughter over to your house so that your husband, two of his brothers, and a couple of male family friends can rape and beat her for two and half hours before they strangle her? Would you stuff her body into a suitcase and bury her in your garden?  If you’re male, can you imagine even asking your wife to do such a thing?  Can you even imagine wanting to do such a thing to your own child?

Why you ask would they do this?  What was her great crime that merited two and half hours of torture and then her murder?  Because the daughter divorced the physically abusive husband that her family married her off to and was planning to marry someone more to her taste – namely someone that didn’t beat and rape her constantly.

Now, keep in mind that this didn’t occur in some backward third world country.  This happened in London, England – probably one of the most civilized places on the planet.  Nor were these some uneducated bumpkin goat herders.  Now her own sister is being threatened because she has come forward to denounce the murder of her sister.