TSA – Modern Gestapo – Part II

Wow… it seems that they’re taking their role as Gestapo seriously.  It won’t be long until anyone who flys is wearing a yellow star…  For those of you who may not know what the yellow star reference is about, I’m adding a photo to remind you.   And guess what, my fellow dissidents, we’re now all officially on a government watch list because we oppose the “SCOPE N GROPE” policies of the TSA.  






TSA AKA Modern Gestapo

   Since when did it become some government agency’s right to:

Expose to us dangerous and harmful radiation in order to “allow” us to fly? (We’ll get back to this one in a minit.)
To take naked photos of us?
Grope our children?
Put their hands down our pants – literally?  (Apparently it’s not enough that Uncle Sam figuratively has his hand in my pocket, he must now make it reality.)
Dump urine on a cancer survivor who must now wear a catheter bag?
Pants a 71 year old man in order to inspect his knee replacement?
Steal from purses being scanned for “security” purposes?
Sexually assault women and children in the name of “security scans’?
Feel up grandpa to make sure that he’s not sitting on anything in that wheel chair?

First off, we spend YEARS telling our kids that if someone touches you “down there” you need to come tell Mommy right away.  Then we take them to the airport where we stand idly by and watch as some stranger shoves his hand down their pants.  Talk about a mixed message. 

Am I the only one who sees that they’re now “allowing” us to fly?  Am I the only one that sees that our paid-in-blood freedom to move about our own country is being usurped by these jackbooted thugs?  What’s going to happen when some passenger or TSA worker uses a cell phone to snap a photo of the “security scan” for Pamela Anderson, or Kim Kardashian, or some other celebrity?  If this process is sooooo freaking awesome how come the pilots have raised holy hell to be exempted from it?  Why are members of Congress exempt from it?  Why is the fight attendants union raising holy hell to be exempted from it, if its so great? 

And the very worst part of all of this is that is 100% theater.  It does absolutely NOTHING to make any of us any safer.  It’s designed to make you feel like the TSA is doing something when in fact all they’re doing is invading your privacy either by feeling you up or using dangerous radiation to take naked photos of you.  How is this not making you any safer? 

I know that they said it was “for your own good” but it’s really not.  First off, they’re not arresting anyone who’s carrying a gun shoved up their ass to the airport.  It works kinda like a catch-and-release program for big mouth bass.  You catch one, take the hook out and put it back in the lake or in this case, the city.  Anyone stupid enough to carry a gun to the airport is BEGGING to be arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  WTF???

Secondly, it only works on metal.  Plastic explosive doesn’t show up.  In fact, most explosives don’t show up as they are non metallic.  Plastic and ceramic guns (which are available at almost any gun store) also don’t show up.  Ceramic knives are available at almost any chef supply and they too don’t show up on the xrays.  That’s assuming that I don’t get creative and have several people carrying various parts of a regular metal gun through so that I can assemble it on the plane.  A process that takes just a few minutes tops.

Then we have the ridiculous limit on 3 oz bottles of liquid.  As a chemistry major, I can assure that I can take 6 to 12 oz of liquid on plane and create something so sufficiently deadly that I can wipe out every single member of both the passenger and the crew.  If I am part of a group and we all have our 3 oz bottles, I can really get creative and make the explosive ON the plane. And I’m not threatening to do it.  I’m merely pointing out that it’s STUPID SIMPLE to accomplish. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming……  TSA