Retarded Drivers – Why You Should Keep Your Dogs In A Crate

I was an eye witness to a pretty horrific traffic accident this weekend.  We were driving down a country road near our house.  It’s a two lane highway with just the old yellow stripe down the middle.  We’re going east when we see a car in the west bound lane swerve suddenly off the road.  Instead of slowing down, the car actually accelerates passing cars still on the road while driving in the ditch.  Keep in mind that the speed limit here is 60 mph. 

Now, this is a road where people put in concrete drainage culverts so that they can put their driveway on top them without blocking the flow of water down the ditch.  Knowing that this can’t end well, I turn to watch.  The PT Cruiser continues to accelerate until it hits one of these mini-culverts at somewhere between 70 and 80 mph.  The impact sends the car several feet into the air where it proceeds to make a nice end over end flip and finally comes to rest on it’s wheels.  The drivers of the car behind us had pulled off and pretty much jammed on the brakes, fearing that her car was going to continue to roll and perhaps strike them. 

We pull over and run to help the driver because I’m heavily trained in first aid and we have both a nurse and an off-duty sheriff’s deputy with us.  The car is destroyed.  The woman who was driving was badly injured.  The cause of the accident – her two shihtzus running loose in the car.  One of them had gotten under her feet and jammed the accelerator pedal. 

So the moral of the story here is that this woman nearly died and could easily have taken several other people with her just because she didn’t want to put the dogs in a crate while she’s driving.  Look people, NONE of us want to die because YOU want to be dumbass. 


Car Jackers – Sort of

It seems that some teenage car jackers were stymied by the fact that the car they tried to jack was a standard stick-shift instead of an automatic.  First off, having a sub-par IQ seems to be pretty standard equipment for most criminals.  Apparently, they didn’t even know that stick shift existed, much less that they should avoid it because they couldn’t operate it.  Further evidence of their low IQ.  While they were trying to figure out how to start the car, police arrived and arrested them.  Can you say strike one, boys?