More Crap from China

Now guess what?  An American drug company, Baxter, is in the proverbial doo-doo.  It seems that they were using a plant in – you guessed it kids – CHINA to make some of the ingredients for some of their medications.  Apparently the plant in – ding!!!! – CHINA sent them contaminated medications.  So far 19 people have died and thousands more have been hospitalized because of yet another crappy ass product from CHINA.

Added to the crappy ass lead toys that they keep sending our kids, and I think it’s time to do something!  Serious…lead in the plastic easter eggs????  WTF!!!!!!

When are we going to ban imports from China? 


UPDATE – Wal-Mart Pulls Chinese Made Sandals

Some of you might remember this from on my earlier posts on Chinese made goods.  Wal-Mart is pulling (FINALLY) the offending flip-flops off their store shelves. Unfortunately, this comes much too late to help the people who have already experienced chemical burns from them. 

We’re all still waiting to see how this is going to help the people who have burns.  In some cases, these are severe as they continued to develop long after the person stopped wearing the sandals.