About Me: I hate sheeple.  You know them.  They’re the ones who try 47 times to withdraw an amount roughly equivalent to the national debt from the ATM even though they’ve already spent it all.  Despite everything, you have to admire their optimism because they just keep thinking that surely the balance will have miraculously changed from all their previous attempts.  I have news for you.  Just because your PIN works doesn’t mean you have money in your account.  Move along and let the rest us get what we need and go.    They’re also the people who stop on GREEN lights.  Or the in-DUH-viduals who insist on diving across 6 lanes of 75 MPH traffic to make an exit – usually while texting someone.

I like puppies and I’m a sucker for little kids.  I like living in the country and I like my neighbors.  I love most things chocolate (you can keep the ants and grasshoppers).


Your Thoughts....

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