Pearson MyEconLab: Part 2

Ruby: Hi, my name is Ruby. How may I help you?
This Student: : Hi, there is a question that won’t take correct answers
File attachment upload has started.
The file StillWrongEvenWithCommas.PNG (79.79KB) was received.
This Student: : I have tried entering the data and even with the commas in it, it still tells me that I’m wrong.
This Student: : I’ve attached screenshots of both
Ruby: I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will be happy to assist you with that.
Ruby: What is your login name?
This Student: : I have another question that’s doing exactly the same thing.
Ruby: What is the course, class, or section ID your instructor provided?
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The file Apparently130788NotReally130788.PNG (28.49KB) was received.
This Student: : The course ID in the URL is XXXXXXXXXXX
Ruby: What is your preferred email address?

This Student: : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is fine
Ruby: Thank you for the information.
Ruby: One moment please while I investigate the issue you are describing.
This Student: : Let me pull the rest of the screenshots off my facebook page
This Student: : I can give you all of them at once
Ruby: I am very sorry for what you are experiencing right now, but may I ask where you able to inform all these to your instructor?
This Student: : I did inform him that I was having problems with these questions. In addition, there is another quesstion that asks for FRED data, but doesn’t say which GDP data set to use :/
File attachment upload has started.
The file BadQuestion3.jpg (80.52KB) was received.
This Student: : This is a screenshot of another question that has issues. It’s not calculating correctly.
This Student: : FYI, there are a LOT of FRED GDP datasets. If you don’t know which one to pick, you’ll never get the right answer.
This Student: : All in all, I’ve found trying to use this to learn economics to be incredibly painful. I’m a graduate student (MBA) but my undergrad is hard science (biochemestry) so all this business stuff is new to me
This Student: : being told you’re wrong when you are not wrong is VERY confusing
Ruby: Yes I understand Student but you may need to contact your instructor to further assist you with the issue since your instructor who have setup the course including the questions into your quiz. Kindly provide a screenshot of the question where you encounter the issue, so your instructor would know the dispute for this particular content.
This Student: : So you’re not going to do anything to fix YOUR quesstions?
This Student: : seriously?
This Student: : Fine. I’m going to post this conversation to Facebook, Twitter, and my blog
Ruby: Sorry Student but instructors create those questions, homework’s, assignments and even discussions.
This Student: : No, they come from your book.