More On MyEconLab – Doing another study session so more bugs

Well, since contacting support is a non-starter, my only hope that some social shaming will get them to fix their crappy software.  To that end, I have a couple of more screen shots of broken questions.

You’ll notice that apparently, this question has some “questionable” math, when I can’t get their answer for some fairly simple division from anything.  560.25/95 – feel free to try it for yourself.  And this POS gives me my grades… seriously...


This next gem isn’t even what I drew in their graphing tool… *sigh*  Apparently, it doesn’t play well with any browser consistently.  First, it crashed Chrome when I tried to install the plug in.  So I moved to IE.  The plug in didn’t work at all there.  So i tried Firefox, but now I can’t use the graphing tool from Firefox to answer questions so I’ve gone back to Chrome.  I finally got Chrome to work by installing the plugin from the Chrome store instead of the download from their website.


This next bit of loveliness is another “Question Impossible” since it won’t accept the right answer as being correct


And to revisit the first “Question Impossible”, I tried it again with commas this time and it’s still telling me I’m wrong even though my answers, even though my answers match it’s helpful red box exactly. 


And round 3 of the same insanity, but I think I’ve found the error.  Either the forumla given is wrong, or they are making the same math error repeatedly.  I’ll highlight it in the screen shot.  You see when you subtract 1 – .01 to get .9 this is, according to the formula, supposed to be squared to yield .81 not remain at .9 :/