A Saga of Palisade, Risk Solver, and Flexera

Also known as the Song of Deleted Expletives and Headaches.  While I do truly love @Risk Solver, Precision Tree and Evolver, I have to say that I’m not very happy with the licensing Palisade deploys.  If you want a bulk license, say 100 seats or so, you have to get this broke a$$ POS licensing server from Flexera called FlexNet.  And it is seriously broken.  It says that it comes with it’s own JRE but the JRE isn’t all there.  It’s missing some rather important bits that cause the installer to fail. 

No installer = No Licensing Server = No Software

For something that costs $3000 per seat, it’s a little bit painful.   So we called Flexera to see if they had a new install package or if they knew what to do about the installer.  We were told in very blunt and fairly rude terms that we are not a Flexera customer so we won’t be getting any help from them at all.  You see, Flexera considers Palisade to be the customer so we’re just left handing with a borked installer from Flexera.  Palisade apologized for the difficulty and has in turn called Flexera to fix their ^%$#@! installer.