Kim Komando or Digital Fucktard

Digital Goddess has long been one of my monikers.  I started hacking when hacking wasn’t a felony.  At the risk of dating myself, this was before the “Great Hacker War”.   I ran with a crowd that had handles like Monkey Wrench and Crowbar, back in the day.  We were pen-testers and tinkerers and geeks.  I was the only girl in the group.  That didn’t make things easier.  It meant I had to work double hard to earn my chops.  It also means that I’m all but immune to flame wars.  The Digital Fucktard wrote an article for Microsoft bashing Apple and then couldn’t handle it when the Apple fanboi’s swamped her Inbox explaining in a thousand different ways just how big a fucktard she is.  She thinks ransom-ware is new.  She’s bragging that Microsoft has Star Trek’s Universal Translator.  Seriously?  She’s also touting an “unhackable” instant message program.  We all know that’s not true.  Nothing is unhackable.  Didn’t Snowden already prove that???