Entando – An Open Letter

It looks like an interesting product.  I have a development server up and running.   I’m an IT Alpha Geek.  I’ve been dealing with websites since Netscape 1.0 – the first graphical web browser.  That launched in late 1994.  I was part of team that convinced our management to build and launch what might well be the first commercial website.  It went live in February of 1995. That’s me.  Now for Entando

The documentation is all but non existent.  I did manage to find this: http://entando.github.io/build-a-website-with-entando/.  However, that required a significant amount of digging and googling to find.

The Admin UI is so complex that I can’t figure out how to do the most basic things.  How do I add user?  What about adding a new page?  How do I put widgets on a page?  How do I add content?  If I can’t figure this out, I’m not going to turn over 300+ users to attempt to this even with some very good directions.