Call for Mass Knife Registration

Given all the recent knife violence, we need to start a drive to register knives. We know that they’re dangerous.  You’re not even allowed to take nail clippers on a flight because even that tiny thing you use to trim your hangnails is clearly dangerous.  You can’t have pen knives because they’re dangerous.  Mind you, this is a knife that has a blade less than 2 1/2 inches long and does NOT lock into place. The Fight Attendant’s Union says that a knife that’s this small is dangerous and the Pilot’s Union agrees with them.  Given that, how much more dangerous is that steak knife or that 10 inch chef’s knife?  What about the machete out in the garage you use to hack back the honey suckle?  Or the hatchet you take camping?

According to the information, while the number of murders is down over all and while the percentage of all murders being committed with guns is also down.  The number of murders being committed with knives and similar object is rising.  It has been increasing since 2008.  So we just need to make people register their knives.

Let’s look at the recent items around here…

This was just 4 hours ago – a woman’s ex stabbed her and her children.  The mother of 3 is dead along with her 12 year old.  The 8 year old is clinging to life with a brain injury and other problems.  The third is an 8 month old baby and is unharmed.

This was last month – a mentally ill student went to campus and started randomly stabbing people with an exacto knife.

This was in January – A man stabbed a neighbor for wearing a red hat.

This was from September – A man stabbed his girlfriend when she told him she was HIV+.

This guy used a hatchet – A man attacks his neighbors with a hatchet.

This kid used a machete  – on his own grandparents

So if we’re going to control guns, which are one of the best means of defending yourself from someone armed with a knife, then we need to start controlling knives, hatches, axes, and other things with a blade.