Apology For Whoring My Friends and Family Out

I really wanted to use the Bank of American banking app, so I turned over all your phone numbers, addresses and email addresses so I can use my phone to transfer money to eat lunch when my account is low.  I also whored you out to get the rotating Hello Kitty Wallpaper.  I hope that the Chinese guys who wrote the app don’t spam you too badly.  And I wanted to use the Yelp app to find places to eat so I whored everyone out for that too.  Since I wanted to use the Free Task Killer instead of the paid version, I whored out all your phone numbers, addresses and email addresses to some guy in India.  Hope you don’t mind too much but now he has your cell phone numbers.  And since I really wanted that photo editing app, I whored all of you out to some guys in Brazil.  They now have your cell phone, home phone, work phone, etc.  Hopefully, they won’t be calling you.  

The state of mobile apps is just appaling.  While YOU may consent to whore out your own information, I hardly think you have the right to whore mine out.  I didn’t consent to it.  While I may not mind YOU calling me, I certainly don’t want to be called or emailed by some douchebag who has purchased my phone number (home, work, cell, etc.) or email (home, work, etc.) from who ever developed the app that YOU decided YOU couldn’t live without and that YOU were too cheap to buy.