Useless Products for 2011

Well, its that time again.  Time to wrap up a list of truly useless things.  Things that someone went to the trouble to invent.  Things that used up valueable resources to make.  Things that will sit in a warehouse gathering dust.

  • The Hamburger Holder – Ummm…. just wow.  I have a hamburger holder…. it’s called a hand.  And it was free….
  • The Chin Gym –  when you run out of places to be ripped, you can go after your chin
  • The Diet Belt – it’s made like a measuring tape. 
  • The Undwear Safe – made to hold all of your valuables right next to a simulated racing
  • The Flapping Ladybug Airfreshner – I can’t imagine using this.  I’d love take a hammer to it.
  • Peekaru Carrier – you child can look like an alien.  No, not the green card kind….
  • The Baby Keeper – Yes, you too can hang your kid up…  Seriously….
  • The Beard Beanie – Wow…  If you can’t grow a beard, you can just knit one…
  • Cat Dusting Slippers – your cat only likes you when you run the electric can opener
  • Dr. Laura Action Figure – I don’t know know what to say….
  • Slipper Genie – now if they’d combine this with the lighted slippers from 2009 they might be on to something
  • The Head Spa – the best way i can describe it is a foil hat that gives you a massage too!