TSA – Modern Gestapo – Part II

Wow… it seems that they’re taking their role as Gestapo seriously.  It won’t be long until anyone who flys is wearing a yellow star…  For those of you who may not know what the yellow star reference is about, I’m adding a photo to remind you.   And guess what, my fellow dissidents, we’re now all officially on a government watch list because we oppose the “SCOPE N GROPE” policies of the TSA.  







2 thoughts on “TSA – Modern Gestapo – Part II

  1. To glibly compare the TSA to Nazi Germany shows casual disregard and great disrespect to all those who suffered greatly and lost their lives under that regime. Portraying Bush, Obama, or any US president as a Nazi leader is just wrong and way overdone. Without taking sides, I can tell you that the Prez is in a no win situation with the TSA since I GUARANTEE you that if he were to arbitrarily cancel the current policy, the majority of folks currently screaming about human rights violations with the policy would then turn around and condemn him for not doing more to protect the passengers if a terrorist attack were to succeed.

  2. @SoullFire – It’s really not.  You should familiarize yourself with the early years of the Nazi regime.  You see they didn’t just pop up overnight and start shoving people into ovens.  It happened slowly.  So slowly that my Jewish relatives chose to stay in Germany thinking that this was just another political party.  Hilter was elected in 1933.  Kristallnacht – The Night of the Broken Glass – was the first open attack on Jews and that didn’t happen until November 9th, 1938 – 5 years later.  Given that the TSA has thinks it has the right to put its hands down your pants and then list you as a “dissident” or an “extremist” on an official goverment list… well that sounds just a bit too much like the Nazis who gained control of the population through… you guessed it… lists… (HINT: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gleichschaltung)And you’re probably right about the whiney bitches… But I won’t sit silent and watch our civil liberties be eroded because a small segment of retards thinks that the government actually can keep them safe.  And frankly, the measures that they’re using don’t keep ANYONE safe.  It’s stupid simple to bypass and don’t take my word for it.  Gizmodo just published an article on it.  If you want safe airplanes issue every passenger a gun. When everyone is armed, its a whole lot harder to take over a plane….   

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