TSA AKA Modern Gestapo

   Since when did it become some government agency’s right to:

Expose to us dangerous and harmful radiation in order to “allow” us to fly? (We’ll get back to this one in a minit.)
To take naked photos of us?
Grope our children?
Put their hands down our pants – literally?  (Apparently it’s not enough that Uncle Sam figuratively has his hand in my pocket, he must now make it reality.)
Dump urine on a cancer survivor who must now wear a catheter bag?
Pants a 71 year old man in order to inspect his knee replacement?
Steal from purses being scanned for “security” purposes?
Sexually assault women and children in the name of “security scans’?
Feel up grandpa to make sure that he’s not sitting on anything in that wheel chair?

First off, we spend YEARS telling our kids that if someone touches you “down there” you need to come tell Mommy right away.  Then we take them to the airport where we stand idly by and watch as some stranger shoves his hand down their pants.  Talk about a mixed message. 

Am I the only one who sees that they’re now “allowing” us to fly?  Am I the only one that sees that our paid-in-blood freedom to move about our own country is being usurped by these jackbooted thugs?  What’s going to happen when some passenger or TSA worker uses a cell phone to snap a photo of the “security scan” for Pamela Anderson, or Kim Kardashian, or some other celebrity?  If this process is sooooo freaking awesome how come the pilots have raised holy hell to be exempted from it?  Why are members of Congress exempt from it?  Why is the fight attendants union raising holy hell to be exempted from it, if its so great? 

And the very worst part of all of this is that is 100% theater.  It does absolutely NOTHING to make any of us any safer.  It’s designed to make you feel like the TSA is doing something when in fact all they’re doing is invading your privacy either by feeling you up or using dangerous radiation to take naked photos of you.  How is this not making you any safer? 

I know that they said it was “for your own good” but it’s really not.  First off, they’re not arresting anyone who’s carrying a gun shoved up their ass to the airport.  It works kinda like a catch-and-release program for big mouth bass.  You catch one, take the hook out and put it back in the lake or in this case, the city.  Anyone stupid enough to carry a gun to the airport is BEGGING to be arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.  WTF???

Secondly, it only works on metal.  Plastic explosive doesn’t show up.  In fact, most explosives don’t show up as they are non metallic.  Plastic and ceramic guns (which are available at almost any gun store) also don’t show up.  Ceramic knives are available at almost any chef supply and they too don’t show up on the xrays.  That’s assuming that I don’t get creative and have several people carrying various parts of a regular metal gun through so that I can assemble it on the plane.  A process that takes just a few minutes tops.

Then we have the ridiculous limit on 3 oz bottles of liquid.  As a chemistry major, I can assure that I can take 6 to 12 oz of liquid on plane and create something so sufficiently deadly that I can wipe out every single member of both the passenger and the crew.  If I am part of a group and we all have our 3 oz bottles, I can really get creative and make the explosive ON the plane. And I’m not threatening to do it.  I’m merely pointing out that it’s STUPID SIMPLE to accomplish. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming……  TSA


17 thoughts on “TSA AKA Modern Gestapo

  1. Terror. The ultimate goal is achieved. It was never the destruction of airplanes. It was to impose upon our freedoms. They have suceeded and made the TSA an instrument of their manipulation. The elimination of individual liberty is and always has been the goal of extreemist terrorist organizations. Their desire to impose their will, their values, their beliefs on all mankind is achieved through creating chaos through fear. Once our individual liberties are usurped, the next step is to impose their new order.The TSA is not responsible for this situation, but merely a pawn in the greater conflict. To stand in hatred against our govornment and its practices feeds directly into the grand scheme of our enemies. We need, as a people to offer real solutions rather than to merely express anger and hostility towards those who are reacting to the threats to our security.It is easy to say what we don’t like about something, but far more valuable to offer useful counsel. I agree the current solution is an imposition and infringement upon our civil liberties. These new protocols are not the disease nor a cure but rather, a pill designed to aleviate the symptom. As with most pills, it is hard to swallow and has many undesirable side affects.

  2. It’s the “Overton Window” approach. What was deemed unconscionable just a short while ago, is accepted as normal behaviour today. Once we’re used to these new rules as a part of everyday life, another more intrusive assault is likely. Our liberties are being taken away, bit by bit. So what’s next? Getting screened before entering the mall? the grocery store? How long before they are able to walk in our homes without a warrant just because we acted suspicious?

  3. I hate that they are “allowing” us to fly.  I hate that private airlines can’t opt out and will likely be bankrupt.  Because then what you’re really talking about is government airlines.  And then they really will be “allowing” us to fly.

  4. I blogged about this and got bombarded with patriots telling me how wonderful it is that we have a “choice” not to fly. People will apparently allow anything, even this. It does make you wonder what’s next. Great post!

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your site randomly, but great post! I also wrote a similar post a couple days ago. Hoping that something will be done about the new “safety measures”.

  6. i really cant wait til i make my first flight in the states…i feel sorry for th people who will b held up bc of me and i feel sorry for myself cause ill prolly end up being escorted out of the airport…ill b damned if i will b molested or have my naked pic taken!

  7. I’m flying from Taiwan to NYC on sunday and I hope nothing like this happens to me and I hope I won’t be flying for a long, long time after that!! : at least until they get this all figured out!!

  8. I’ve been told I have the “freedom” to not fly.  Interesting.  Last I looked, our Constitution guarantees us rights AGAINST unreasonable search and seizure.  It does not grant us a right to “FEEL safe and secure.”  If someone wants that feeling, fine.  I don’t blame them.  But don’t infringe upon my rights to do so.  THEY should just stay home.  @Sunrise_Hope_Joy – I’m about as patriotic as you get.  And as conservative as you can get.  Supporting this nonsense is not patriotric…@phillyista – agreed!When we pick and chose which rights we will stand up and fight for, the government will pick and chose which rights it will allow us to excercise.  Moral:  stand up and fight for ALL our rights!

  9. Does feet groping count with airport security?At the airport, I walked right through the scanner, but my wife was setting all the buzzers off. As I waited I watched the security man make her spread her arms and legs out, and a chain was beeping on her jacket, so she had to take that off. He took the wand down her legs, and it started going off when he got to her shoes!She had these black clogs on with some fancy designs on them. He put the wand over her shoes, and then placed it down on the floor in front of her as it kept going off. While her arms were still stretched out to her side, he began feeling the tops of her shoes with his hands. Both hands on her right shoe pressing down on the top of her foot, and on top of each of her toes. Then he slid his hands down the sides of the shoe and across the nylon heel of her foot.Well you know the backs of clogs are bare, right? They slide on. Hers had about a two or three inch heel. There he is on his hands and knees, and asks her to remove the shoe he just felt up. While his hands were still on her right shoe, she slid her stockinged foot out where he could plainly see her recently pedicured toes as my wife balanced on her left foot not wanting to place her nylon foot down on the dirty airport flooring.He began glided his fingers across the pantyhose sole of her right foot to check for objects I guess, and finally looked inside the clog, placing his fingers in as deeply as he could get them. My wife looked at me oddly. He couldn’t get his whole hand in there mostly because she has small size 6 feet, so he reached down and placed her shoe back on the floor, and she slid her little foot in it.Then over to her left foot he goes. He touches all over the tops of her foot, again pressing on top of her toes, and then with has his left hand to the instep side of her left clog, and his right hand to the outside of the same shoe. His large hands almost hid her shoe from view completely, until he began slowly sliding both hands up each side of the shoe until he ran out of shoe, and I could see his finger tips gliding along both sides of her nyloned foot as he guided her foot with both hands out of the shoe and groped both sides to her heel. While my wife balanced at this point on her other foot he cupped her toes with his left hand while feeling the top and bottom of her foot with the other.He must have thought she was okay at this point because he let her move through to my luggage.Not sure if this is groping but my wife felt a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. Usually she just walks right through as I did.

  10. i live in boston, and yesterday there was this whole big thing where they had to evacuate the cargo area at logan because of a suspicious bag that the dogs smelled something weird in, but the passenger whose bag was found was still on the planei’m waiting to see how this helps anyone.

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