Single 8 year olds?

I’m sure by now that every has seen the 2nd graders shaking things they don’t even have yet to “Single Ladies”.  The parents defend this saying that it’s not “provocative”. 

Here’s the outfit from the video


First off, let me point out that red and black are both very traditional colors of lingerie.  Now let’s compare that to this – from a company that sells clothing for strippers….  The outfit below isn’t the same color, but it’s cut in very much the same way. 

And perhaps these look somewhat familiar….  Straight off the Fredricks of Hollywood web site….  Still think it’s “not provacative”?

So let me see if I have this right… you dress your 8 year old up in lingerie complete with fish net gloves, slap a bunch of make up on her, and then send her out on to a stage to do a routine that’s more appropriate for Bombshell McGee than a second grader.  The only thing  missing from that routine was the brass poles.  And worse yet, this isn’t the first time that this particular “dance troupe” has performed this type of routine.  They’ve been performing like this for a while.  And they’re not the only ones.  There is a whole group of parents who thinks that tarting up kids and teaching them to shake things they don’t even have yet is entirely appropriate.