Who’s a Deadbeat?

Ever had a small bill you forgot to pay?  Ever been sent to collections inadvertently by some dufus?  Ever had something you couldn’t pay and got nasty phone calls and letters?  I’d be willing to bet that a lot of this well under $200 too! 

Not Chrysler Corp, though.  They borrowed 4 BILLION dollars from US Taxpayers – you, me, and anyone else who pays taxes around here.  They pay back – get this – 1.9 BILLION dollars.   Do they get billed for the rest?  You think the CEO of Chrysler is getting nasty phone calls? 

OH TO THE HELL NAW!!  They’re “square” now.  All paid up.  Don’t owe a dime….

Now how in the heck do the rest of us sign up for this federal program?  I don’t know about you, but I’d love to work in a job I obviously suck at, fly around in a private jet, and when I’m done running my company into the ground, I can get the Feds to fork over 2.l BILLION dollars because my company is “too big to fail”.