Disreputable Electric Service Company

Texpo does business under FOUR – count ’em FOUR – different names.    Texpo, YEP, Nova, and now Southwest Power & Light.  After talking to their customer service, all I can say is – WHAT A BUNCH OF DOUCHEBAGS! 

I’m going to file a complaint with the PUC about this.  I signed up for them and got my first bill.  It hit my bank account 2 days before my pay check.  I call and ask if they can change the draft date on my account by a couple of days.  I am told by William that this is fine and they will take care of it.  I get the April bill in and again its trying to draft out at the very end of the month when my paycheck isn’t there yet.  So I call again and I get Lisa and she says that it jsut hasn’t processed through their billing department yet but it will be fine next month. 

This month, I get another notice and this time, I didn’t have enough in there at the end for it draft out.  I’m told that they cannot change the draft date at all because they don’t control that.  That’s not ever been a problem for any other electric provider that I’ve had.  I don’t see why it’s an issue now.  I’m filing a BBB and  PUCT complaint about it.