Google – Mark of the Beast – Continued

Added to that is the data harvested from Google Analytics.  It’s one of the most popular web data packages out there because, again, it’s free.  Google can see what IP addresses are going to what web sites, even if you don’t have their toolbar enabled or use their search.  And they can tie those IP’s back to the ones you’ve used when you were logged in to ANY of the Google services.  That also gets cross referenced with your search data. 

For those of you who don’t know, an IP address is like a phone number.  It’s how two computers on the internet know how to find each other to send data back and forth.  The problem is that there are only so many numbers and a LOT of people who want to be on the internet, so we reuse them in various ways (DHCP, NAT, etc.)  So lets say for a moment you go to the library and use a computer.  You log in to your gmail account.  Correctly or not, the IP address from that gets associated with you.  Even though there may be dozens of other people who will use it that day, it gets associated with you.  Who knows what those other people searched for?  What if they were looking at kiddie porn and snuff films?  Do you really want that associated with you???  How would you feel if you got turned down for a job based on that???

What if it is something that you looked at?  How many times have I googled for something so that I could prank someone?  Yet now because of it, terms like “leather daddy” are now permanently stored in my search history with google.   All just waiting for the FBI to show up with a letter of national security and pull it all out. 

You think you’re good – but how many of you want your mom to know that you watched “2 girls 1 cup”?  How would you like for that to come out at say a custody hearing for your kids?  Orkut, the social network site, is also a  Google product.  Google knows who your friends are.   

Feedburner is now a Google app.  Google knows what blogs are read and what blogs you publish by your IP address.    Nevermind Google Base, Google Trends, Google Book Search (Google knows what you’re reading so put that R-rated comic down before your boss finds out), and all of the other Google products.

Now Google is launching Android, an operating system for smart phones.  Now Google will be able to geo-locate you, thanks to GPS.  Through Android, Google will be able to harvest data on your phone calls, text messages, web browsing, and which apps you have installed/uninstalled and how you use them – both in terms of frequency and for what.  That could include even taking a peek at your bank balance should you decide to check it from your phone. 

Google’s reaction to all of this comes from their CEO and I’m quoting “If you don’t want other people knowing, then you shouldn’t be doing it.”   Really…  That’s your big solution to prying into my life… 


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