Obama Peace Prize

Once upon a time you had to get your peace prize the hard way… You had to earn it!  The first recipients were Henry Dunant and Frédéric Passy.  Henry Dunant was the founder of the Red Cross.  Fredrick Passy was the founder of the Interparlimentary Union – the predecessor to the United Nations.  The second year’s winners also had to split the prize – Élie Ducommun and Charles Albert Gobat – who co-founded the Permanent Peace Bureau – an organization that attempts to aid in negotiating peace treaties.  The third winner was William Randal Kremmer, who founded the International Arbitration Bureau – a forum in which countries could seek out an impartial hearing instead of going to war.  These guys worked hard to earn their prizes. 

What has Obama does?  So far…. Nothing….   So apparently all you have to do to get a Nobel Peace Prize is to be black and get elected President?  I haven’t seen Obama do anything to earn this.  All it does is cheapen the prize itself.  As far as I’m concerned, it just fell to the level of a tawdry trinket.  You are SUPPOSED to get it for your accomplishments.  All we have had from Obama is promises. 

Webster’s defines accomplishment as:

1 : the act of accomplishing : completion
2 : something that has been accomplished : achievement

It’s much too early in Obama’s presidency to give him something like this.  He not even been in office for a full year yet.  He hasn’t actually had time to do anything.  Giving him this now is just patently ridiculous.  Theodore Roosevelt was given the prize in 1906 but that was because he forged a lot of peace treaties and he EARNED his prize.  What do we have to show from Obamba?  As yet… Nothing….  It’s much too soon to give him something like this unless I’m right and all you need to do is be black and president. 


2 thoughts on “Obama Peace Prize

  1. Well – this one was for his “aspirations” It only goes to show how worthless the Nobel prize has become – given that he was supposedly not even in the running. I can’t figure out whether this is a prize for him or against the last administration.Usually you get a prize for what you accomplish – not what you want to accomplish.

  2. @rudrad – Well, I *aspire* to conqueror the world….  Does that count, too?  Because if so, I’d like to make the Papeete, Tahiti my capital.  Which continent would you like?  Seeing as your my loyal and faithful underling ;P

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