Ok, I recently acquired a new digital camera. Since I work on a college campus, I thought I’d post photos of some of the more obvious fashion DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME kind of things. I’d call them “fashion don’t-s” but well, photo’s being worth a 1000 words at all, lets just say that doesn’t even begin to cover it!

You know you’re fat when….

1. You look like a sausage in a skin when you get dressed.  OMG!!! Buy some clothes that actually fit you!!!
2. Your rolls of fat have their own zip code.
3. When you figure shape is no longer “bananna”, “pear”, or “apple” but “farm”.

If you even remotely think any of those things might apply to you – DO NOT WEAR BARE MIDRIFF TOPS. *NO ONE* thinks your fat is sexy!!!!!!!!!!! This girl isn’t that big but the way that she’s dressed – spilling out of her clothing – makes her look even larger than she is.

Case in point….


2 thoughts on “MUFFIN TOP

  1. really?The human body is quite exquisite, even  in the extremes that you run across every day.Don’t be such a slave to the Cosmo Mentality or subjegate your thinking to what you see on the View.You might even consider trying to hold a conversation with someone once in a while

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