Democrats = More Taxes

Barak Obama came out today and said “Let’s Tax the Oil Companies”.

John McCain said “Let’s find places to drill for oil domestically.” 

So, for a moment let’s play out both of these scenarios.  Obama passes his tax and Ginormous Oil Corp, Inc. gets their tax bill.  The bean counters there look at it and say “HOLY CRAP!!!”  What do you think they’re going do?  Think they’re going to quietly eat the tax and say “Oh, darn.  Why’d they tax us?”  NO!! They will not.  Right after the “HOLY CRAP!!!”, they’re going say, “We’ve got to raise prices again.”  That’s it Obama… tax the little guy into oblivion.  8.25% sales tax isn’t enough.  22.5% income tax isn’t enough.  Now you have to tax the oil companies so that they can tax me some more.  Most of the price of gallon of gas is ALREADY TAXES YOU JACKASS!!!!

McCain gets some off shore drilling going.  In 10 years, we’ll have cheaper gas. 

Either way not a good answer, but at least one of the big 2 candidates is making *some* sense. 


3 thoughts on “Democrats = More Taxes

  1. I am sitting here wondering what drugs the members of the majority party in congress have been taking. They must be taking the same drugs as those who vote for them in the first place. 

  2. @trunthepaige – I’m pretty much convinced that we as a country need to unite and vote all of them, every last singe one of them out of office. If you’ve ever been elected to anything more important than dog catcher, you’re not eligible to run.

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