Chlorine for the Gene Pool

Since “Top Ten” lists are so popular, here’s mine.  Sadly, every single one of these is drawn from a real honest to god headline.  These are top 10 reasons we need chlorine for the gene pool:

  1. Man uses gun as back scratcher and shoots himself
  2. Five year old boy wrecks truck
  3. Referee banned for changing his mind
  4. Jet powered bicycle
  5. Burglars rob a security products store – caught on tape on 17 different cameras
  6. In-duh-viduals try to steal live power lines for the copper
  7. Man tries to steal lottery tickets and sets fire to cover theft – ends up in flames
  8. More in-duh-viduals sign their crime with their real name
  9. Neighbors from hell – seriously, who shoots someone over a hedge
  10. Organized Religion – ’nuff said – flavor doesn’t matter


2 thoughts on “Chlorine for the Gene Pool

  1. You know, I’d have to say the burglars who robbed a security store are edged out by the burglars who tried to hold up a firearms store and were shot 21 times in the space of about 2 seconds (by every customer, plus each staff member.)

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