Another Reason not to fund the Borg Collective

I realize that calling Microsoft the Borg Collective is a bit extreme, but not overly much.  My latest gripe with them centers around what used to be one of my favorite Microsoft products – Visio.  Visio was one of the few things that Microsoft had done well with.  I use to it to automagically draw out database schemas and network diagrams.  Yes, it will do that if you buy the more expensive version.

Well, I’ve purchased it through our procurement department but they move about as fast as a tortise on Thorazine, so I’m running it in trial mode until my key code magically arrives.  I’ve an absolutely gianormeous diagram of a very complicated database that I’m trying to print.  I’ve had to do some re-arranging on the diagram to get it down to a size that’s under 200 sheets of paper.  For that reason, I’ve got a lot of spare space in diagram.  I keep trying to export it to a high resolution image so that I can crop it and then print it.  That seems to be too much to ask of Visio.  Every file format that’s remotely useful (GIF,PNG,JPG,PDF,etc.) all produce some bizarre error message or it does a bunch of bizarre formatting, rending the document unreadable.

Nice going guys!!!  Way to f-up the one thing that you were doing that I liked.  Lord knows you need more products like Blista. 


6 thoughts on “Another Reason not to fund the Borg Collective

  1. Der Morrighu,Thank you for you (involved) comment on my Birthday post. Our engineer uses and older version of Visio to make drawings. I like TurboCAD, but he never learned a CAD program. I never really liked Visio, but I haven’t worked with it since Windows 3.1! Microsoft isn’t as overwhelming as it used to be. Now Google is the big guy in the digital age. Someday we won’t even need operating systems, and you can get a lot of what’s available in Office for free from other applications. Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  2. I saw your comment”Xanga = my soapbox where I can rant and whinge about what’s wrong with our world…”&I wanted to say heck yes to that! I know how you feel, I ramble about my troubles quite a bit of the time. Haha! 😀

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