Silly Silly Men

You’ve heard of penis envy…well, let’s just take that to a whole new place.  Apparently some superstitous folk think you can steal a penis….

You really just have to go read the original article for yourself.  


6 thoughts on “Silly Silly Men

  1. RYC: Not as easy as it looks? Yeah I know, I’m the one out there doing it. My latest “coldlander” poem is the 15th in a series of where this guy has faced hardships you or I could never imagine. Refer to them if you would like, if not that’s ok too. The “bunny” comment was from a friend who was joking with me, not to be taken too seriously.

  2. RYC: Thank you for telling me that. I see now that you are coming at this from a place of real experience. I shouldn’t have been presumptious.  You obviously know what you are talking about. But please, may I just say, right through the heart? Damn good shooting. I’m not being cavalier, but rather respectful. You saved your life and the life of your family. I have faced down some rather life threatening situations as well. I am a truck driver, and just two days ago, some wacko shot at my truck with a shotgun, and it came close. I was in Beirut Lebanon in 1982 and saw up close some awful things.But yes, you are right, “not as easy as it looks.”   Once again, have a good week/weekend.                         Randy

  3. @flatpick46 – My father taught me well.  I told you he started teaching me when I was
    about 8 or 9.  Guns were never a big mystery to me.  We always had them
    in our house.  My father collected guns, both the antique variety and
    many that were quite functional.  There wasn’t anything in the house
    that was fireable that was off limits.  If I wanted to shoot something,
    all I had to do was say so and we’d go to the range and fire it.   By
    the time I was 10 I knew how to field strip, clean, reassemble, load,
    unload and store every gun in the house.  I’d also been required by my
    father to fire them at least once, including his very large 10 gage
    winchester shotgun.  It’s a behemoth of a gun but it ‘s well suited to
    my father’s 6’7″ frame.  Handling a rifle wasn’t anything new for me at
    all.  I’d been drilled by a pro.  He prepared me to handle most
    anything and when push came to shove, I managed to do it.  I really
    miss him,  The one thing I never ever heard from him was “you can’t do
    that because you’re a girl”.   And don’t ask me how I did it.  I just know that’s how it happened.  It might not have been through the heart but that one shot dropped him and it when we finally got to look at the carcass, that’s what it looked it looked like.  Some bar in Anchorage paid my Dad some serious cabbage for the carcass and they had it mounted to go in their bar.

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