You’ve all seen top 10 lists.  Well, here’s one from.  10 reasons sending money to PETA is DUH-DA-DA-DUMB.  It’s incredibly, monumentally stupid.

  1. 97 percent of the animals that PETA accepts for “placement” are euthanized.  Don’t take my word for it.  Click the link and read.  Compared to many of the current SPCA groups who have 100% placement rates, 3% is abysmal.  Others place better than 80% of the animals that come to them.  But not PETA, who claims to care for animals so much.  They just kill them. 
  2. PETA says that you shouldn’t wear fur.  For ages, PETA “activists” went around attacking mostly eldery rich women with cans of paint.  When confronted and asked why they didn’t go visit the biker bar and preach against leather, they promptly dispersed.  Once again, PETA fails to walk the walk and only talks the talk when it won’t get their assses kicked.    Harvesting fur may be cruel, but, damn people the coat is at least 50 years old.  LET IT GO!!  It was another era. 
  3. PETA would rather see your teenage kid drunk on beer than drinking milk.  We know that milk is good for people and on the whole, beer is not.  Particularly when the person consuming is young and still growing.  Who in their right minds encourages teenagers to drink? 
  4. PETA funds and speaks for the terrorist groups ALF and ELF.  Just check their tax returns.  If a bunch of ALF or ELF members don’t like what you’re doing, they may burn down your house or your business.  They have been known to set off bombs to destroy facilities.  While ELF tends to be cautious about recommending harm to anything other than property, ALF supporters have been quite open in the press about advocating the murder of humans to support their goals. Just what we need.   ANOTHER bunch of jihadis.  
  5. PETA doesn’t seem to mind when animals eat other animals alive.    Animals eat each other all the time.  DUH!  What did you think predator meant?  or Carnivore?  or even Omnivore?  The trick is that they settle in and start munching while dinner is thrashing and bellowing, screaming in pain.  But it’s wrong if I put it out of it’s misery first.  And if you perform any kind of experiments on animals, thats wrong too, even though what you’re doing isn’t 1/1000000th as cruel as being eaten alive. 
  6. PETA wants to wander down to your local zoo and turn all the lions, tigers, bears, etc. loose in your neighborhood.  If they wanted to take them back to wherever they came from, that would be different.  If they advocated trying to release the young from zoo animals into the wild, that would be different.  But no, they want you to walk out on your porch to get the morning paper and find tiger waiting to eat you.  You can take your kid to the park but you’d better keep a sharp eye out.  The local pride of lions has been looking a bit skinny lately.   PETA has obviously never been to the Serengeti at night.  Lions take down a wildebeast and start eating it while it’s alive.  Not everything furry is friendly.  Many things have teeth and claws.  And a lot of those things with teeth and claws, see you and me and all humans as menu items.
  7. PETA is run by hypocrites.  When someone registered peta.org and used it to put up a site called “People Eating Tasty Animals”, PETA sued for copyright infringment and made several very public comments about how “low and dirty” that was.  This was right before they went out and registered ringlingbrothers.com and voguemagazine.com in order to express their views about the circus and the fashion magazine.  It’s apparently “low and dirty” only when it’s being done to them, and not when they’re doing it to others. Instead of surrendering gracefully, they had to be hauled into court and sued to release the domain names.  
  8. PETA says really wierd things.  According to PETA, fish worry and they’re interesting individuals.   Wha???  If the fish are talking to you, you might want to take your medications.  Chickens have a “normal life” that doesn’t end with breading in a skillet, which is what chickens have been doing ever since chickens were domesticated.  You don’t think we feed them ’cause they’re cute, do you? 
  9. PETA is flocking with like minds.  If birds of a feather flock together, you should be very concerned.  PETA has an open alliance with that icon of exploitation, Hugh Hefner.  Think what you will of Hef, he’s made quite a good living exploining young women for their looks.  This is PETA’s big media alliance.  How can you set back the cause of women everyone to further animals?  If you’re such goody-two shoes do gooders, surely you care about the women too?  And the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”.  They don’t have fur. 
  10. PETA has made it clear that, you dear human, aren’t important.  The animals are far more important than you are.  If you’re killed or put out of business, that’s no big deal.  So long as few animals aren’t frighened by the process.  What ever happend to the PETH, People for Ethical Treament of Humans????  70,000 dead and the only thing PETA wants to know is if the zoo animals are scared.   What about the scared humans?   Just read some of the things PETA members have had to say.  You being eaten?  So much the better, since you’re just some dumbass meat eater.  Slugs and roaches are more important than you, your family, your kids.

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  1. I’m just happy to hear from u again my lovewe are all animals! PETA is conspiracysending money to me is better, because i have pure motives and love everything

  2. I really don’t care if you like the fact that I have music on my site or not. & the comment you left me was really unnecessary considering is is my site and you could have very easily just left it, not to mention it was extremely rude.

  3. @dreamlandx3 –  Nor do I really care if you care.  First off, when did *you* become the arbiter of good taste and manners?  Seriously, get over yourself.  You’re just sensitive because your song sucks ass and deep down you know it.  Furthermore putting music on a web site 1) plays without my permission through my speakers, and 2) has no way to shut it off is rude.  Could I have left?  Yes, I could have but incredibly lame ass nature of your music compelled me to express my opinion of it.  You posted it.  Not everyone is going to be all warm and fuzzy with your cutesy crap.  So again, seriously, get over yourself.  You not liking me or my comment really doesn’t bother me a bit.  You, on the other hand, seem to be a bit on the sensitive side. 

  4. Hahaha… I feel educated.^_^RYC: Sometimes, the dojo incorporate those in forms of plyometrics. I use to go weight training but I cut off my expensive gym membership a couple days ago.=PI need to find a good, sanitary one at a decent price. I’ve thought about invest some good ankles and wrist weights but I need to know where to look. My problem with those is that they feel uncomfortable or itchy.I’m probably being picky.=]But I hope to take up swimming soon…. when my Tuesdays are free.My schedule isn’t actually that strenuous. It just seems that way. I’m just being a big baby.= )

  5. RYC: Well I suppose your comment proves that fishing ‘aint for everybody. Thanks for coming by anyway. I agree with your post, although I am a member of PETA…………..People Eating Tasty Animals. I love fast food. A whitetail buck running across an open field at 40mph+ brought down with one shot from a winchester bolt action .30 .06 with 4 power scope at 100 yards. Yummy! I killed two last year, and I am buying five tags this year. Somebody has to kill the little darlings to keep the others healthy. Have a good week and weekend!          Randy

  6. Ugh stupid IE, just ate my comment, lets try again, except a shorter versionA while back I went fishing in Arizona, I caught a trout and was trying to get the hook from its mouth just as a (possible PETA) family walks by and one of the kids says “Fish feel pain you know!” so I reply with “and I should care, why? in about 30 minutes he’ll be in my stomach”.. Later on I see them at their RV eating a salad under the roll out canopy…I only had a tent, a sleeping bag, a cooler full of water and my fishing gear.. honeslty that makes them hypocrites in my opinion, they care about animals so much, but not about the environment.. at least

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