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I’ve had a couple of people ask about it so I thought that I’d explain it.  I don’t like to post actual photos of myself because I’ve had a real life stalker and I don’t want him to be able to find me again.  Despite the somewhat blood thirsty nature of some of my posts (like issuing side arms to everyone over 18 who isn’t a) insane or b) a criminal), I’m really very peaceful by nature.  I don’t relish the thought of having to kill someone and I feel in my bones that this is what would ultimately happen.  I’ve been chased down the road more than once by him with him attempting to run me off the road or cause me to crash.  I had my car set on fire on my birthday.  He’s threatened me more than once.  We’ll just say that there’s a lot of history there that makes me think he’d try to kill me and that I’d end up having to kill him in order to protect myself.  However, I’m digressing…..

Back to the icon…  Once upon a time there was a very popular game called Neverwinter Nights.  NWN came with an absolutely awesome modding kit to allow you to build your games using their engine.  As a result, the gaming clan that I was in at the time wanted a custom mod.  A small group of us went off into our digital corner and cooked up a gigantic mod based on Celtic mythology.  In case you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been using the handle Morrighu for some time.  It’s a slight corruption of the name of a Celtic goddess.  Morrigu is the celtic goddess of war and she’s also a red head, like me.  So my character became the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) that ultimately had to be defeated to “win”. 

Short version…..

The icon that you see is a screen shot of the BBEG from that module.


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  1. @lustres_des_emotions –   It’s really that bad.  We have high school graduates here that cannot read, cannot write, and cannot balance a check book.  It’s a culture of ignorance and poverty.  In this country, education is the one thing people pay more for and want less of.  I really do not understand it myself.  It’s incredibly disgusting.  They come in to interview for jobs.  You can always spot them because they pick up an application take it.  They obviously get someone who’s slightly better educated than they are to fill it out for them.  It’s obvious that neither they nor the person who filled out the application understands the job requirements.  They have exactly none of the skills that we’re looking for nor do they present themselves in such a way that we might consider training them.  Because of our HR policy, we have to call them in for an interview.  They dress very ghetto even though this is a professional environment.  Their outfits are usually complete with hoodies and baggy pants.  They speak in a way that is less than professional.  They do things during the interview like grab their crotch and then go to shake my hand (eeewwww).  Then they want to complain because they don’t get hired.  As for the stalker, he’s been around for ages now.  I actually have court orders to protect me.  I’ve finally moved and changed jobs enough times that he can find me anymore.  Although I still hear from some of my old neighbors that they see him drive by now and then looking to see if I show up. 

  2. @morrighu – Woa, so so scary.Hmm, well, there are many people out there, youngsters especially, who don’t have the proper etiquette when it comes to working and going for job interviews. I always prefer overdressing than to under dress. At the very least, when I over dress, the employers are aware that I am keen on the job and want to make myself look smart. If I under dress, it might be a bad thing for looking overly casual.

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