Stealth Junk – Boston Market

Today we’re going to visit another “Stealth Junk” vendor.  It’s Boston Market.  They show ads of rotisserie chicken and fresh looking veggies.  However, once again, we’ll be comparing them to that great American icon of junk McDonald’s.

Entrees –

Boston Market 1/2 rotisserie chicken
Calories 590
Fat grams 27

McDonald’s Big Mac
Calories 540
Grams of Fat 29

Sides –  We’ll be listing 2 sides since that’s what a Boston Market “meal” comes with

Mac & Cheese
Calories 330
Fat grams 12

Mashed Potatoes
Calories 270
Fat Grams 11

Total Sides
Calories 600
Fat grams 23

McDonalds French Fries
Large Fries
Calories 570
Fat grams 30

So much for your nice healthy dinner.  Since someone asked, and in case any of the rest of you are wondering, the calorie counts and fat grams come straight off the restaurants’ web sites.