Stealth Junk – Jason’s Deli

Today, boys & girls, we’re covering a subject that I dearly love.  There are a whole class of foods out there that I’ve dubbed “stealth junk”.  It’s junk food masquerading and something healthy and nutritious.  Stealth junk comes in many forms.  Some times it’s a restaurant serving up crap that’s loaded with hidden calories and fat.  Jason’s Deli is probably one of the worst offenders in this category and we’ll get to the nitty gritty in a moment.  Another form of stealth junk are things like the Bumble Bar and we’ll be talking about a few of those next week.  I’m upset because it passes itself off as healthy when it’s loaded with sugar and calories or fat and calories as the case may be.  The marketing ploy is trick you into thinking that you’re eating lighter than you really are.  And people wonder why so many Americans are overweight.  It’s because we don’t read the label to see what it is that we’re consuming.  We trust that the marketing people are telling us the truth. 

First though, we’re taking on some of the so-called “healthy alternatives” and seeing how they stack up against McDonald’s.  Today’s topic – Jason’s Deli

Now who here doesn’t think that Jason’s Deli is a healthier place to eat that the old American icon, the Golden Arches, McDonald’s.  Guess what?  You’re wrong.  You’re actually better off at Mickey D’s. 

Jason’s Chicken Pannini
Calories 837
Grams of Fat 47.5

McDonald’s Big Mac
Calories 540
Grams of Fat 29

Jason’s Pasta Salad
Calories 1071 (357 per 4 oz but they serve 12 oz)
Fat grams 37.5 (12 per 4 oz but again, they serve it in 12 oz cups)

McDonalds French Fries
Large Fries
Calories 570
Fat grams 30

Jason’s Oatmeal Cookie  (Just one little cookie right??? WRONG!!!!)
Calories 270
Fat grams 7

McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie
Calories 270
Fat Grams 12
Although if you get the McDonald’s Oatmeal Cookie
It’s 150 Calories and 6 grams of fat. 


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  1. Ha ha ha, your comment made me laugh. In our response, I’d say that our “logical head” was probably not that logical anyways so, I doubt the ties are making that big of an impact. BTW where did you get all this info on calories and the food?

  2. Lol. You have a NWN character as your profile photo! It’s ok though. I’d be a hypocrite if I called you a geek. Although, maybe I’m allowed to because we are one in the same?

  3. who?i dote your comments and your healthy information stranger friend, though i must say theres more to food than calories and fat. Food is beyond analysis, there is good food and there is bad food and it usually has to do with how good u are at eating.jk

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