More Crap from China

Now guess what?  An American drug company, Baxter, is in the proverbial doo-doo.  It seems that they were using a plant in – you guessed it kids – CHINA to make some of the ingredients for some of their medications.  Apparently the plant in – ding!!!! – CHINA sent them contaminated medications.  So far 19 people have died and thousands more have been hospitalized because of yet another crappy ass product from CHINA.

Added to the crappy ass lead toys that they keep sending our kids, and I think it’s time to do something!  Serious…lead in the plastic easter eggs????  WTF!!!!!!

When are we going to ban imports from China? 


One thought on “More Crap from China

  1. As soon as our boys in D.C. stop accepting graft money from special interest groups and the federal reserve gains confidence that someone other than the chinese will buy U.S. bonds to prop up the plumetting greenback. Years of fiscal irresponsibility, wanton corporate greed at the peril of the working American to export jobs and functions to an underpaid, impoverished and imprisoned population. If you want to know what the Chinese does to people who don’t praise the government – see Tianenmen square, see the video footage by a mountaineering team of Tibetans who were trying to escape to Nepal being shot by Chinese soldiers. China is the worst abuser of its own enslaved population – and we – the keepers of democracy don’t even have the balls to stand up to the REDs. 🙂

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