Why McAfee Antivirus Sucks A$$

This is my rant about McAfee antivirus.  There are a great many antivirus products on the market and almost all of them are better.  Trend and Panda happen to be my preference, but hey, it is what it is.

1) McAfee has serious issues with customer service.  I called them yesterday because scan32.exe started sucking up 40-80% of my CPU cycles, out of the blue, along with copious amounts of RAM.  Do I get help?  No, I get told that even though they know they have a contract with my employer that they won’t help me because I don’t know my grant #.  This is a pretty large place.  Not only do I not know my grant #, I have no idea who would.  I give them my work email address.  I’m calling in from my office phone.  It’s a large employer and we have our own exchange.  They have my job title and the link to our web site that lists my profile along with my office phone # (which I’m calling from) and my email address (which I’m using to attempt to obtain support).  Furthermore, hostmaster@ and webmaster@ both come to me.  I offer to reply to an email sent to either of those.  That still isn’t a grant #.  None of that is good enough for them to accept that I actually work here and to give me some help.  I know from the pages and pages of Google results (scan32.exe +CPU) that I’m not alone with this problem.  I also know that I need a patch from them to fix it.  Do I get it?  No, that would be much too easy.  Nor is this my first run in with their sucktastic technical support. 

My first run in with their sucktastic support was when their product tanked our Exchange server by totally corrupting the mail store.  They actually had the nerve to tell us that this was a known problem, that they had a patch to fix it, and if we wanted it we’d need to wait months for their next release and buy it.  I don’t know about you and where you work, but there’s no way I can keep an email server out of operation for the next six to eight months while I wait for you to release a patch that I have to purchase.  Going ballastic, I threaten to call every tech publication on planet earth in addition to blasting this to every newsgroup and tech web site I can find unless they cough up the patch right away.  Doncha know they emailed me a patch, after I end up yelling at enough people to finally get passed to a Vice President. 

2) I’m stuck with McAfee.  Since this is a large employer, I don’t get make decisions about the antivirus software that runs on my workstation.  If I did, you can bet your pinkies it would NOT be McAfee.  The whole idea behind using antivirus software is that it’s supposed to work.

3) Now that I’ve managed to fix McAfee on my own – no thanks to the dorks at Technial Support – it is STILL sucking up huge amounts of RAM.  I’m looking in my task manager right now.  Mcsheild.exe 67MB.  VsTskMgr.exe 1MB. OlAddin.exe 14MB.  Framework Service 13MB.  That’s 95 MB RAM for McAfee and all its little friendly sub processes.  Worse yet, it’s not even scanning anything right now.  On access scan is disabled because it makes my rather beefy desktop noticably draggy.    That’s unacceptable.  ClamWin – a free product – 16MB.

4) The on access scan is horrible.  I tried it at home and noticed that my games were stuttering.  I tried it here and noticed that it takes ages for my compiler to run anything.  My boot time when I reboot is very slow because it takes for ever for all the McAfee stuff to start.  All of my applications take for ever to open.  It is much slower to save a file.  The whole thing is just painful.  Too painful to use.  Which completely negates any advantage to even having it in the first place.  I’m certain that I’m not the only one turning this off.

5) Many viruses are able to disable or modify McAfee so that they can still infect your machine.  Not only do you end up with an OS that’s infected, you end up with an anti-virus that PWNED by the viruses.  Nice.  Not only do I have to clean up my OS because your sucktastic product let it get infected, but I have to clean up my antivirus. 

6) Many viruses are able to make it look as if McAfee is still working, updating, and scanning your machine when in fact, the virus has disabled it.  Again, not only is your OS virus tainted, you end up with an anti-virus that PWNED by the viruses. 


One thought on “Why McAfee Antivirus Sucks A$$

  1.  I can’t believe how bad McAfee Tech support sucks, I spent 6 hours trying to get a simple network problem resolved, to no avail.  For starters, the CD insists on a download, 4 hours with dial up !   Than I learn that my network is dead, no provisions to update second machine with download for first one.Wouldn’t of worked anyway.      Tech support summary      3 PM  called, offered premium support on a you pay basis.  Called sales, asked about free support,  hung up on.   Called Sales, asked about a 500 unit package, and asked about free tech support, told sure … here’s the number   1 800 809 – 0648 and here is anautherization code Service Request # 146 499618     Called, and was transferred to India, tried to speak through noisy line, thick accent,couldn’t understand what tech was saying [ Sorry I don’t speak Hindu ]   Called back, this time, got a women from Jamaica, took nearly 10 minutesa for her to copy my email address [ clear phone signal, she sounded stoned ]than she got real ugly with me when I told her my network isn’t wireless, but a 100 mps hard wire. She insisted I buy a wireless network, and call back..   Called back, got a pleasant sounding British voice that told me to call the store who sold me the computer, as they can fix it. [ I built the machine ]    Called back, got horrible phone connection, thick Hindu accent[ waste of time ]     Called back, told a refund takes 8 weeks to process,and ” she ” can shut off my virus protection right now  [ Good trick ? ]      Six hours wasted, had to call customer and cancel appointment due to no network.         Every link on McAfee Security center is to try to sell you another product   Why do the calls go overseas ?  Because the Commie Bastards don’t want to give jobs to Americans.  Applying for refund, here’s some useless phone numbers, if you are a McAfee user, stop at a row of payphones, and call them all ;       USA  1 800 – 338 – 8754  [ sales and overpriced support ]      India   1 800 809 – 0648  [ brush up on your Hindu ]       1 800 809 – 0648   [ more premium $$$ support ]      1 866 622 – 3911  [ Excuse line ]      1 866 736 – 3971  [ Jamaica ]           Corp HQ [ no collect calls ]  1 408  992-5899

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