Elder Care in Texas

I’ve not been blogging much lately because my Dad fell and broke his femur.  He’s had surgery to put in a rod and still needs to have a hip replacement.  He’s 80+ and not doing at all that well.  I went to see him Sunday and I’m not happy with the nursing home.  My mom has come in and found the nurse sleeping at the station.  Because of this, I took her up to Best Buy and we got her a digital camera. 

She came in early this morning and caught the woman sleeping again.  She snapped a photo of the woman and the flash went off.  The woman jumped up from the desk, ran over to my Mom, shoved her into the wall, took the camera from her and smashed it.  My mother promptly called the police. 

The officer that arrived told my mother that she had violated a paparrazi law, which Texas doesn’t have and that she should not be taking photos without written permission.  I’ve called the City Attorney’s office there to see if there is some kind of a city ordinace.  If there is not, I’m going to expect him to ammend the police report, arrest that nurse that assaulted my mother, pull the security video tapes from the facility, and prosecute her.  It is my firm belief that this woman should – in no way, shape, form or fashion – be caring for the elderly.  If she’ll assault my mother, who is in her right mind and still fairly able, what will she do to an incompetent person?

UPDATE:  I just heard back from the City Attorney’s office.  There is no city ordinace prohibiting it.  They’re going to have a police sergant call me to discuss the whole incident.  There’s no state law prohibiting photographs unless they’re being taken for sexual purposes.  It’s call the “Improper Photography Law” and it’s basically written to keep guys from shoving cell phone cameras up girls skirts and snapping pics w/o their knowledge or consent.