More Skewed Political Incorrectness

In yet another example of the hypocrisy that it is political correctness, I’d like to introduce you to the Jena 6.  These are six black high school students who ambushed, knocked out, and then stomped a white high school student to death.  Oddly, none of the kids is being charged with murder, even though they set out, quite deliberately, to ambush and kill another student.  The nature of the crime makes it quite clear that this was total cold blooded premeditation. 

Because these are black kids who killed stomped a white student to death, they’re being proclaimed as martyrs and subjects of “Jim Crow” justice.  Having read about the nature of the crime, I can’t see it.  What I see is the fact that 6 cold blooded murders got to walk with a slap on the wrist, some probation, some juvie charges that will be sealed when they become adults, and not a lot of repercussions for jumping up and down on another student’s head until he died. 

Before you get all riled up, let’s turn this around.  Let’s say it was 6 white students who planned out where and how to hide and wait to trap a black student.  Then they planned out and practiced how to knock him out.  They they got a box to practice with so they could practice jumping up and down on him to kill him.  Then they go and actually go and do it.  Do you think that white boys in these circumstances would be charged with a hate crime?  Do you think that white boys who did this to a black student would be charged with murder? 

Now let’s try this a different way.  If it were 6 white students who did this to another white student, do you think that the they ought be charged with murder?  If it were 6 black students who did this to another black student, do you think they should be charged with murder? 

If you answer yes to even one of those questions, then the system is broken.  The rules are supposed to be the same for everyone.  There aren’t supposed be different rules for different groups of people.  We’re all supposed to be *equal*.  That doesn’t mean that some people get a pass on premeditated murder because they happen to be black folks killing white folks. 


4 thoughts on “More Skewed Political Incorrectness

  1. Your version isn’t even close to true.  The victim did get beaten up, but had no long-term injuries.  The students were charged (as adults) with attempted murder when white kids in a similar incident (except the white kids were armed) were only charged with misdemeanor assault a few months earlier.  You can make any position sound tenable when you don’t pay attention to the facts. 

  2. You can claim that they killed the student all you want, but he, in fact, testified at the trial.  He got a concusssion and a black eye.  MSNBC has a picture of him alive and well two months ago.
    Do you have any source for the claim Justin Barker is dead or does it just fit the point you’re trying to make better than the truth does?

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