Why We Need Guns At School

Ok, I know that the headline seems a bit odd, but hear me out.  I think that faculty and staff in schools should have the ability to carry guns.  Here in Texas we have this thing called a CHL – Concealed Handgun License.  It’s kind of an extensive process to get one.  You have to apply, they run a background check on you, and you have to take a class.  After the class, you have to pass a both a written test and a shooting proficiency test.  To law enforcement here, the CHL has become something of a “good guy” card.

Right  now, in Texas, and most other states that have CHL’s, one of the places that you’re never allowed to carry is on a college campus or any kind of a school.  I really think that Columbine, Red Lake, Success Tech, Bishop Neumann, Virgina Tech, and now Jokela High School in Finland illustrate the need for faculty and staff to be able to defend not only themselves but their students.  This has become quite a problem because if you google “school shooting” you get 15,600,000 results as of this particular moment.  That’s 15,599,999 too many, by my standards.

We should have learned our lessons from the first one.  We need to arm the faculty and staff of our schools so that they be something more than gun fodder the next time someone shows up and starts shooting.  The way to do it is to use the CHL type model.  Perhaps you need to some extra qualifying to get the right to carry in a school or on a campus, but it’s the only I can see that we can keep our children safe. 


4 thoughts on “Why We Need Guns At School

  1. I believe the general criticism to this approach is that while it would eliminate incidents with a dozen people killed, lots of kids running around with guns would mean lots more incidents where there are oen or two peopel killed for a net gain in deaths.  Keep in mind that at the two most recent high-profile school shootings, the shooters had passed a background check and legally obtained a gun.

  2. Oh, and assuming you only want faculty and staff armed, have you talked to teachers altely in most of the US?  I’d suggested getting their take on whether they’d like to carry a gun for the express purpose of killing students who go nuts.  It seems to convert them from educators to prison guards.

  3. I talked to my younger brother about this.  He’s eighteen and just graduated a few months ago.  He said his main concern was that if teachers carried guns, students would take them.  Right now, a school shooting requires premeditation.  You have to obtain a gun and then bring it to school.  If having a gun in school is as easy as knocking a teacher down and taking it, you’ve significantly increased the chances of a student having a gun in school as they now only need to plan a few seconds instead of hours or days.

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