Idiot Driver #5

Well, in the week or two since I’ve started this, I’ve been able to warn you guys about several of the id10t’s on the road.  Today, brings us to Id10T #5.  I feel like we should have a party to celebrate or something.  It seems like the first milestone has passed.  I encountered this in-DUH-vidual on my way to work Friday morning.   Driving along behind him was quite educational.  I was behind him for several miles.

This particular person was in a white Ford pickup with a headache rack on top.  He has the Texas tag # 90G PS3.  I’d recommend that you steer clear of him.  He is probably by far the most dangerous of the bunch to date. I’ll explain why in a moment. 

Now, out where I live, “in the sticks” all of our roads are one lane each way.  Even though we’ve got all the space on God’s green earth, no one seems to have heard of these things called medians because we don’t have any.  We just use a couple of yellow stripes to indicate who’s side is who’s.  The other thing is that since we’re “out in the sticks” we also have really high speed limits.  Our slowest speed limit is 45 MPH (our stick-ville equivalent of a school zone) and they go as high 60.  Most are 60 MPH. 

Unfortunately, Mr. 90G PS3 seems to have problems figuring out which side is his.  On-coming cars didn’t phase him as he made several forays into the other lane of traffic.  At one point, I started to lock up my brakes because he swerved back into his own lane at the very last moment, missing an on-coming green van by a matter of inches.