Westboro Babtist Church

Sounds innocuous enough right?  These people are anything but Christians.  They demand love and forgiveness from their chosen deity.  All the while, they deny that same love and forgiveness to others.  Their latest move to spread hate has been to invade a funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. They disrupted the funeral  while waving signs that say things like “God loves dead soliders” , “You’re going to hell,” and “God hates you”.  This particular soldier was a Marine.

Now, Marines sit near and dear to my heart.  I’ve known many over the years.  My father was a career Marine and I was raised around them.  They are good men who do a tough and some times terrible job because that’s what it takes to keep the rest of safe.  Every night that you get to spend sleeping safe and warm in your own bed is a night that you should thank the US Military service men and women for giving you.  Every morning you get up, grab your coffee and get to work without something horrible happening, like a terrorist bombing is a morning you should thank the US Military service men and women for giving you.  They go through hell so that the rest of us don’t even have to think about it.  They put themselves into harms way to keep the rest of safe. 

Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder was one of the ones who gave everything he had, including his life, to keep us safe.  Instead of honoring his sacrifice and his bravery, they choose to desecrate his funeral and terrorize his family members.  My father, may he live a lot longer, is entitled to a full military funeral when he passes.  When it comes time for his funeral, I hope these jackasses show up.  My family will know how to deal with them. 

Now, in investigating they’re obnoxious web site, I find that they’re planning to do the same thing to two more families.  So, if you or any one your know will be attenting the funeral for Army Sgt. Scott Turner – at 12:15 p.m., Friday, November 2nd – at Christian Church, 208 North Kansas Ave. in Norton, Kansas or Army Staff Sgt. Larry Rougle – at 10:15 a.m., Friday, November 2nd – at St. Francis Xavier Pedophile Promoting Place, 4501 West 521 5 South, Kearns, UT, you might want to give the families a heads up. 

Me, I’m all for letting the guys that served with these two attend the funeral and deal with the protestors if they get out of hand or move 1″ from public property.  As retarded and ridiculous as they are, they are still protected by the same Bill of Rights that protects me.  You can’t silence them legally, but they shouldn’t doing what they’re doing.  My personal opinion is that we have so many laws because its illegal to knock the living $hit out of some jackass that richly deserves it.  If the jackasses knew that they were going to get the crap knocked out of them, they’d go to some pains that act better.  As it is, they’re free to be a big a jackasses as they please with no consequences.  And I’m not just referring to this bunch of jackasses.  There’s plenty of groups and individuals out there that fall into this category.  Odds are, you’ve dealt with at least one yourself.

Here’s an excerpt from their hate filled propaganda –

“Like so many others, this young (25 years old), strong, fruit of this nation died at the hands of a raging mad God. Having voluntarily placed themselves as the symbol of a rebellious nation, these soldiers die in shame, not honor, representing a fag nation cursed by God. America has gone the way of Sodom, embracing the vile homosexual agenda as merely an innocent alternate lifestyle and a civil right, demanding that vile sodomites be accepted, respected and honored. And then added insult to that grievous injury by mocking and mistreating God’s prophets for faithfully warning them of the clear commandments of the King of Eternity.”