Idiot Driver #2

To the driver of green Chevrolet mini-pickup with Texas tags 56K JJ1….

Frankly my dear, you are a freaking moron.  Not only did you pull out in front of me while I’m drving along in one of these, which weighs approximately twice what your tiny excuse for a pickup does, you pulled out across three other lanes of on coming traffic to do it.  I’ll direct you to a photo that shows the pick up in relation to a small sports car convertible so that you ahve a frame of reference.  Basically, this thing isn’t any bigger than the Honda who swerved to miss him and only slightly larger than something I’d consider using as a hood ornament.

You were completely oblivious to the Honda, the Toyota, and the Saturn who were west-bound, even though all three of them locked their brakes up to keep from slamming into you.  That still didn’t seem to your attention away from what ever it was in the front seat that you were screwing around with.  As I’m going east, I hear the brakes on the other side of the road and see you coming, so I manage to avoid you as well, you dork.  But unlike the others, I actually honk at your stupid ass, which seemed to startle you back into reality, if only for a moment.  Perhaps if your windows weren’t tinted so darkly you might actually be able to see out and see the on-rushing cars coming at you.

Sadly, your near death experience had no effect on you.  After going to some trouble to get the hell away from you, you were last seen in my rear view mirror swerving into both lanes of traffic as you continued to tinker with what ever it was in the front seat that was far more important than any of us staying alive.