Cloning and Cows – It’s What’s for Dinner

Can anyone say genetic diversity?  Want to wipe out a species?  Here’s how.  Shrink the gene pool and wait for a disease.  Extinction is almost guaranteed.  Look at the Cheetah for an example.  Food animals already have a dangerously small gene pool.  If you’re cloning a sire and continuing to sell his sperm after he would have died naturally, you’re adding to a diminishing gene pool.  Instead of a new “preferred sire” coming along, breeders will be using sperm from a clone contributing to the inbred nature of most pedigreed stock.  If you think inbreeding is a good thing, just look at German Shepards.  They went from being healthy robust dogs to sick animals with hip displasyia in a few generations.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not real eager to run out and purchase these products. 

Some day our grandkids will be touring a museum…

“Hey, Nana…What’s that thing?”

“Oh, Stevie.  That’s a cow.  The last one died years ago.  Damn, I want a glass of milk.  I wish we hadn’t bought these cookies.”