Freecycle – How To Get Someone To Give You A Life

I joined Freecycle recently to see if there was anything like an old fridge or freezer on the list that we could use for lagering beer.  Instead all I see are “WANTED:” ads.  Now, some of these are things that some people would actually want to get rid of – cribs, toddler beds, old furniture, clothing, etc.  and might not be sure what to do with.  Although, much of this stuff could easily be disposed of in resale shops or to local charities.

However, the majority of them are not.  I see a lot of stuff like “We want a car.”, “We want a trailer for our business”, “We want western clothing”, “We want someone to furnish our house”.  Oh, and that last one actually wanted someone to buy new furniture for her.   I’m sorry people, but when in the heck did mooching become part of the American way of life.  If you need clothing so badly that you have to post for mailing list, what gives you the right to be picky about style and color.  If you need transportation, use the public transit.  Get your ass up in time to get to work on time using the bus and train system.  And don’t even get me started on the request for the new furniture.  Not “new to me” but brand new.  WTF????

Freecycle ought to be called the “I am much too damn lazy to work and pay for what I want, so I want you to give it to me”. 


One thought on “Freecycle – How To Get Someone To Give You A Life

  1. I guess you forgot about Matthew 24:33 “So likewise ye, when you shall see all these things, “KNOW” that it (Or He) is near, even at the door.” In the 36 verse it does say we would not know the day,or hour: but we would know the season; Even when He is right at the door. That is where we are now. Luke 21:28 says “And when these thing begin to come to pass, then look up, lift up you heads; your redemption draweth nigh.” All these thing are already coming to pass. Believe the word of God or not. It’s your call! Bro. Cliff Stafford

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