Hypocrites – Then And Now

In order to highlight how hypocritical most religion is, we’re going to start picking at them – one by one.  I’ve had my go at Islam lately so I’ll take on the other religious juggernaut – the Catholic church. 

The Catholic church doesn’t particulary mind the so-called fraternal orders like the Masons (Freemasons) since they have their own.  It’s called the Knights of Columbus.  However, it’s perfectly fine even as late as 1851 could see you arrested and tortured nearly to death by those kind, loving Christian monks. 

What’s the Catholic beef with brotherhoods?  Well, it boils down to this.  First off, they accept non-Catholics for members.  You got, if you’re not Catholic yourself, you’re not good enough to be hanging out with anyone who is.   It  minimizes the importance of Catholic religion and dogma.

Secondly, they don’t like the fact that the Freemasons express a deist view of God.  What that means is that “God, to you, is what you think it is.”  This sort of philosophy keeps religion at bay and out of the Freemasons.  The Catholic Church has a theist view of God which means “God is what we tell you it is because you’re not smart enough to figure it out for yourself.” 

Thirdly, most Freemasons advocate the separation of church and state.  Our own Constitution mentions this – only it actually says “freedom FROM religion”.  The Catholic Church seems to be dreaming of the theocracy in days gone by.  How can anyone think this is a bad idea? 

Fourth, Freemasonry is a secret society.  And the Knights of Columbus aren’t?