IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome

For decades men have blamed everything on women’s hormones, including their own foul moods.  New research shows that men are just as susceptible.  But when I saw this study, I had to read it.  It confirms what millions of women, world over, have known. Men can be whiny bitches too! 

In this case, there’s a quiz to see if you might be susceptible to this.   I ran through it for my husband and I think that I’ll be having a chat with his doctor the next time I go in for a “sinus infection”.  I think that the doctor should check his testosterone levels the next time he has blood drawn. 


One thought on “IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome

  1. First of all, it’s not always men who are doing the blaming. And since it’s been established that women’s hormones are responsible, it’s a bit hypocritical to collectively call us whiny bitches. Taking the test, I have to say I’ve never seen so many adjectives relating to somebody’s mood; such tests usually wrap things up in 20 questions or so . Perhaps it’s just to have enough redundancy to figure out how honest the ones taking the test are, but still. Having said this, I agree that it’s hard to argue against the hard evidence, namely the experiments made on rams. Baa haa.

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