Doctors Suck – Here’s Why

As many of you know, I’ve torn some cartilage in my knee.  Went to see the doctor last week and he looked me over, gave me a shot of cortisone in the knee, and told me to see him next week to check on my progress.  I stop at the appointment desk on the way out and pick up my card.  The gal at the desk says “We have an opening on Thursday.  Will 11:00 work for you?”  I pay and leave, sticking the card in my purse and adding the appointment to my PDA. 

I get to the doctors office today.  Lo and behold, she’s made my appointment for two weeks out – it’s next Thursday.  Their office is bad enough WITH an appointment.  It’s usually a 2 hour wait.  I don’t really have all day to hang around and wait to see if they can see me.  Worse still, I have to make special arrangements to drive to work just so that I can go to the doctor.  I have to get my truck back from my husband because their office isn’t on the train route and I mass-commute to work.  I no longer pay for a parking spot, so I have to scramble for one of the rare public parking spots.  Now, it’s all for naught.

It all made me angry.  We’re supposed to sit in the waiting room like good little sheep waiting for his holiness the doctor to see us at his convenience.   It’s not like we have lives that are being interrupted or anything.  I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but I’m self employed.  I work as a consultant and I make *at least* as much as the doctor does. I went off at the receptionist and told her to cancel my appointment.  I’m firing my doctor.   “

Like the doctor, my time is money.  If I’m not working billable hours, I’m not getting paid.  Worse yet, not only am I not getting paid, I’m having to pay the doctor.  Talk about double-dipping.  I make just as much money as your doctor does and your stupid over scheduling means that I have to wait two hours even with an appointment.  I can only imagine how long I’m going to have to wait if I don’t have one.  I’m not some cow in a cattle chute and I won’t be herded around like one.  It’s very rude and very disrespectful to every single patient to make them sit around like this.  I don’t see where you people get off deciding that you are soooo much more important than the rest of the world that we need to drop what we’re doing and wait on you for hours and hours.  If I was coming here to work on your computers and I kept you waiting for two hours, you’d fire me.  I don’t see why the relationship going the other way is supposed to be any different.”


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  1. Because he’s a doctor, and you’re not.  Often, docs are late due to spending more time with patients than medicare allows – usually discussing major life/death issues.  Imagine (not unusual on a daily basis) the ortho doc and the patient before you were discussing amputating a leg due to bone cancer.  What would that patient’s satisfaction level be if the doc dismissed that conversation after 15 mins and said, “I can’t answer any of your questions, even though we’re talking about chopping off your leg, because I’m on a strict schedule and I need to see someone with some minor knee pain so their daily parking doesn’t get inconvenienced.”?   There isn’t a doc in the world who doesn’t prefer to run on-time – they would all prefer to play 18 at night instead of 9 – but it’s out of their control.  And when you’re the patient with the major life-altering problem, you’ll appreciate the time they spend with you.

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  3. “Because he’s a doctor, and you’re not. ” Why does that make him special? How is the time taken from his life some how more valuable than mine? We all get 22,000 days. My time is the one thing that I can’t get a refund on. And for your information, I’ve been the one in the body cast a time or two. At last count, I’ve broken about 25% of my 207 bones (my family has an extra vertebrae). I just don’t see why they reschedule. I do it when I have emergencies crop up. I do for computer networks what a cardiologist does for people. When I have client appointments that I know I cannot make, I rebook them, particularly if they’re for minor issues. It’s called being considerate instead of herding people through like cattle. If it were an occasional thing or just a few minutes, it would be different. It’s not though and the subtle message there is one that you outlined so well in your comment. We’re simply not important enough to be treated with common courtesy.

  4. Many MEDICAL Doctors are really not Doctors at all.  A real “Doctor” has a PhD.  Most Meds do not, yet they  still call themselves doctors.  With reference to medical doctors, I HAVE NEVER MET A DOCTOR THAT WAS NOT A DRUG ADDICT, ALCOHOLIC OR HOMOSEXUAL!

  5. Sylvester,Quite frankly, you are a RETARD. And I really do mean that in a short bus, dunce cap, drooling mo-ron kind of way. Your head is so far up your own ass, I’m guessing that you won’t ever need a proctologist. “REAL” doctors are MD’s. A PhD is a “Doctor of Philosophy” and they CANNOT to anything for you in a medical emergency unless you want someone who knows ALL about Shakespeare taking out your appendix. Frankly, if you don’t at least have some kind of a clue as to what you’re talking about – STFU!!!!Morrighu

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