Tour De Disgrace

I have a good friend who is a cyclist.  My husband likes trail biking.  This year’s Tour De France should be called Tour De Disgrace.  Not one, not two, but three of the riders in the race were booted out for cheating via drugs & doping.  Two of the teams involved completely withdrew, leaving a wake of suspicion that the entire team is dirty.  In Spain, physician-led doping ring was busted implicating dozens cyclists among hundreds of athletes in other sports. 

My personal feeling is that cycling is becoming the poster-child for this since the EU reports more of this sort of thing.  We know that US Football is one of the worst sports for this sort of thing.  First the NFL implement anti-drug, anti-steriod, and anti-lots of other stuff rules.  Then it was the NCAA – the college athletes – implementing it.  Now, local school districts are implementing it for high school and junior high athletes.  What’s next?  Testing kids in kindergarten?  Where does it all end? 

I think that it will end up with us genetically engineering athletes for a specific sport.  All we need are some parents unscrupulous enough to do it.  Particularly some that want the big pay day that comes from having a child in the NBA or NFL.  Maybe it will be in a third world country and it will a soccer player.  I don’t know where it happen.  I’m only betting that it will.  Teams are already turning a process called phenotyping – selecting people to participate in a sport not based on interest or previous experience but because they possess a specific set of quantifiable physical attributes.  Given our swift progess in unraveling the human genome, it’s only a matter of time.