Humans Suck

I was on the train coming home from work today.  We stop at a station and there’s a woman on the platform screaming her lungs out.  No words, just howling like a wounded beast.  Several of the passengers can be bothered to stare, make snappy comments and generally be useless.  No one goes to see if she’s wounded, been mugged, or what.  I whip out my cell phone to call so that the police can come see what’s wrong with her.  The jackass behind me hears what I’m doing and starts singing his “nigga gansta” rap rather loudly until I look at him and tell him that I’m on the phone.  I was quite prepared to throttle him with the earphones on his ipod at that point when he takes the cue from my expression and moves off up the train.  Finally, the police come on and they say that they’ll go check on her.  I hang up and get dirty looks from some of the passengers. Coming on the heels of what happened with Molebert, my faith in humanity isn’t exactly at its high point right now.